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  • NVMe Weekly Rental

    Every week
    These are the Fast Drives that Saves Lives! 1.6 - 15.4TB
     2 day free trial
    • Performance, Security, Power Failure protection
    • U.2 NVMe Interchange System
    • 2.3-6.8GB/Sec of PCIe Gen3 Performance
    • Custom Pelican Cases with TSA Locks
  • 4bay SSD RAID

    The Perfect Multi-Cam RAID
    • 11TB-30TB Form-Factors
    • Employing the latest Gen3.2 USB-C and TB3 Connections
    • 2GB/sec performance and security
  • SSD 6Bay RAID5

    Every week
    Massive Hardware Encrypted RAID
    • 9TB - 46TB 6bay SSD Unit
    • RAID 0,5,6,10, and beyond
    • TB3 + USB-C Gen2 Connection
    • Custom Anti-Static Pelican Air Case with TSA Lock

    Every week
    The Ultimate DIT/Loader/Colorist 3-in-1 System
    • 60-114TB Hardware RAID capacity
    • Expansion, TB3 85w SD4.0, CFexpress, USB-C, 2x USB-A Ports
    • 3.84TB U.2 NVMe for Massive Performance Boosts
    • Hardware RAID 0,1,5,6,0
  • 4Bay SSD 1RU RAID

    Every week
    1RU TB3 Rackmounted Storage
    • 15-30TB Form-Factors in 4bay RAID5 Form
    • Hardware RAID Control with Pfail
    • Removable Fans
    • Scalable up to 128 Volumes or 1 Petabyte
    • 1.7GB/sec SAS performance
  • OnSet-to-Cloud

    Every week
    We Specialize in Onset-to-Data Center Production Workflow
    • SDR/HDR Dailies On-Set/NearSet
    • Lab-to-Data Center Integration
    • 3x 48TB SSD RAID Rack Mounted 12G SAS TB3 RU
    • C4 ID
    • Lens-Camera Metadata Extraction
  • Sony AXSM R1 Reader

    Every week
    The Fastest Card Reader available
    • 1.3GB/Sec TB2 Offload Performance
    • Custom Case with TB3 Dongle